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Lucid Confusions - Marketing Technology Blog is finally live and ready to go. I moved by blog from here to my own domain –

My focus will remain the same – marketing, customer service and technology. Thank you to everybody who visited me here. Come take a look around my new place. If you like it, you can bookmark me and even subscribe to my RSS.

Happy Thanksgiving!

The next small step

Moving On
Woah! I have fallen too. I have decided to move to my own domain. I have started setting up WordPress on my domain. Will let you know once it is done. I don’t want all of you to see the mess I am making there! 😉

Customer Service for India?

I think my bandwidth for accepting poor customer service is going down cause I am getting more and easily ticked nowadays for poor (atrocious) service. In the last one week,

  • one customer service executive of a web company banged the phone down on me because I asked her for a clarification. She was kind enough to say thank you before she did it.
  • a restaurant refused to take our dinner order even though we were above the minimum order limit even though they have delivered the same order twice before in the last one month. The man on the other end went on to deny that they have ever honored such orders. (Wow, now we are liars!)
  • Chennai autorickshaw drivers continue to demand that random figure that comes to their mind, when I want to hire them for a trip. It is amazing how they do it!

To think that this is the same country that manages some of the world’s best customer service centers and is also called a service-oriented economy. What happened? What are we missing? Do we really have to be taught to be courteous and respectful?

I don’t look at good customer service as a choice. It is an attitude. The same attitude when a unwelcome guest visits home. You don’t like him there but you still are courteous, kind and respectful to him.

If you look at the bigger (country-size) picture, there could be other possible reasons for this lack:

  • Education. Indian education really does not focus on services. Students (in primary, secondary and college education) are forced to excel in subjects they probably will never ever use in their whole lifetime. (But that may be why we get some of the best technical people around. A different point altogether.)
  • “Let the other guy do it” attitude.
  • “Everybody else seems to be doing it” attitude.
  • Slack in administration machinery.

And I am sure there are more reasons. What do you think are the (deeper) reasons for poor service from a country’s perspective?

The bold, authentic statement

Dove’s new series of campaigns – this time, a direct attack on the beauty industry itself. Quite a bold stand! has three campaigns –

Onslaught says – “Talk to your daughter before the beauty industry does”
Dove Onslaught Campaign

Evolution – the real beauty workshop, that shows people getting made for ads and magazine covers.
Dove Evolution Campaign

Pro age – “too old to be in an anti-aging ad”
Dove Pro Age Campaign

These are powerful and authentic stories. Stories you want to believe is true. Stories you know, could be true. Authentic stories reach out to people. It is no wonder that Dove, a UniLever brand, is one of the best-selling world over.

Brand Change – Whose decision is it anyway?

Just read The Best and Worst Logo Remakes of the Century and UnderConsideration’s Brand New blog. They give a comparison-commentary about the changes that have taken place in some of the most well known brands around the globe.

Reminds me of what my Brand Management professor said a couple of years back – “It is not the consumers who get tired of the brand image or marketing message but the marketers.” Marketers spend so much time with their brand – they think even their audience is getting tired of it. They could not be more wrong!

As a marketer, I admit, one should be aware of the signs when the branding goes bad or needs a little shine. But change, for the sake of change, may not be the best decision for a brand. After all, it disrupts the very essence that branding is supposed to establish – trust. When a consumer sees a brand he trusts, he is comfortable. Don’t take that away from him!

Relevant Content in Right Containers

When you make your next brochure, website or presentation, think from your audience’s perspective. What is he/she looking for? Don’t tell them all that you know (e.g. list of features). Give them more!

It is like borrowing empty jars from them and filling your content accordingly, depending on the size and shape of the jar. Only when the content is relevant to the user, will they ever show interest. And interest evokes action.

Technorati’s new moving interface

Did you see the new technorati interface? It moves.’s new interface

New blog posts are added on top of the page/channel and the older posts scroll down. Good idea..but I noticed that the movement continues when you are not on the page as well. Well, it makes sense for a website that is trying to capture more than 1000 posts every second.

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